Potential Names and Taglines

Under-construction monkies.gif This document is a work in progress. Everything in this document is subject to change.

Feel free to add suggestions here, or propose them in the Discord.


Name Discord Vote
Smilodon (toot= roar) :smiley:
Snippet :scissors:
Campfire :fire:
Aves (toots=sing or squawk) :bird:
Communet :goal:
Plaza :cityscape:
Koyaanisqatsi :white_check_mark:
Agora , AgoraSoc :classical_building:
Florence :elephant:
Auroch :water_buffalo:
Bugle :trumpet:
Tooter :postal_horn:
Mammoth :chestnut:
Misstodon :cool:
The Garden :house_with_garden:
Geranium, Orchid, etc. :hibiscus:
Tuskany :wine_glass:
Fluxroot :seedling:


  • Community over Code
  • Fostering Communities
  • FLORENCE = (Florence|FLOSS|Fediverse) Loves Open Responsible Ethical Networks [for] Communicating [with] Everyone