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NB: Please note: We've recently done a bit of a refresh on the project (now titled Florence) and the wiki's in catchup/limbo mode at the mo'

Welcome to the official wiki of the temporarily-named #ForkTogether project!

The first official meeting of the ForkTogether group took place on June 30, 2018. The group had its second meeting on July 8, 2018. (project calendar)


If you would like an account: drop Woozle or rjt a note. Please include your preferred username and the email address to use (for sending your signup link).

Currently we're trying to finish the Bylaws and Code of Conduct, so any feedback relating to those are very welcome!

Apart from on the wiki talk pages and the fediverse, you can provide feedback in our temporary Discord channel (Contact Satsuma or Clar for access).

For help using this wiki, check out the WIP Help category.

If you would like to offer assistance with various project tasks, see Help:Wanted. (Currently the focus is technical, but that may change.)

Unofficial Reference Pages

  • Offsite links: backgrounders, commentary, resources.
  • Custom emoji: list of custom emoji for Fediverse use.
  • Apps: Information on apps for accessing the fediverse on PCs and phones.

Official Documents